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Nail Services



Regular $25
Shellac $40
Gel Polish (no medicure) Shellac $30
Gel Polish (no medicure) Regular $15


All service prices are included regular polish.
Gel Polish (no pedicure) Shellac $35
Gel Polish (no pedicure) Regular $20
Regular Pedicure (35 Mins) $40

Soak in warm water
Trim and Sculpt the Nail
Cuticle Clean Up
Callus Cleaning and Exfoliating
Sugar Scrub
Massage Lotion
Hot Towel

Shellac $55
Spa Pedicure with La Palm Collagen (60-75 Mins) $70

- Collagen Crystals Pour the entire packet into the spa water. Let feet soak with a bath bomb and dried flowers and relax as the sea rocks detoxify the skin.
- Collagen Sugar Cane Scrub. Wet skin. Massage into feet and legs for approximately 10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.
- Collagen Cream Mask. Apply evenly and allow to dry for 2-3 minutes. Do not rinse. Wipe off any excess with a hot towel.
- Collagen Muscle-Relaxing Gel Massage into the skin for relaxing muscles with a warm stone, soothing effect.
- Collagen Massage Lotion . Massage into feet and hands for silky soft skin and a warm soothing sensation.
- Moisturizing Paraffin wax application
- Collagen Serum Lotion Gift for Client -Massage into feet and hands for silky soft skin and a warm soothing sensation.

Add on Shellac $15
Deluxe Pedicure with Voesh (45-60 Mins) $55

- Sea salt soak( soak feet 5-10 minutes to detoxify and deodorize)
- Mud mask( apply mud masque to knee down)
- Cuticle and heel care
- Massage sugar scrub on feet and lower legs to remove dead skin
- Massage butter to soothe skin
- Moisturizing Paraffin wax application

Add on Shellac $15
Additional Services

Additional Services

Fill $50 and up
New Set $60 and up
Uv Gel and up
Fill $55 and up
New Set $65 and up
French $10 and up
Ombre $70 and up
Design $5 and up
Artificial Nail Remover $20 and up
Shellac $15
Kids Services

Kids Services

Fill $45
New Set $55
Uv Gel Fill $50
Uv Gel New Set $60
French $5 and up
Ombre $65
Artificial Nail Remover $15
Shellac $5